NBA Live 07 for PSP: Game Review

NBA Live 07 on PSP has taken the gaming to a whole another level. This game has multiple challenges and events to compete in. NBA Live includes All-Star Weekend which includes the Dunk Contest, the Three Point Contest, the All-Star Game and the weekend ends with the rookie challenge. This game also has new mini games ( Two ball and Handles) exclusively to PSP which features memorable moments from the 2005-2006 NBA season. Also this game has super star challenges that if you want to beat them you have to get a certain number of points, assists or steals.

Now you also can take control of the EA sports Freestyle Superstars (which includes Playmakers, and High Flyers) in Total Freestyle Control. This game allows you to dunk with your favorite star from the NBA or shoot three pointers with any person on the court. The possibilities are endless with this game! If you want to trade your favorite player to your favorite team you can see it happen. You can go through a whole season with your favorite team and take them to the playoffs and eventually to the NBA Championship game. There is no other basketball game comparable to NBA Live 07. if anyone wants the all new NBA 2K18 Locker codes ps4 for the upcoming NBA 2K18 series game, visit at

This game for all the lovers of the old school ballers can choose the all-star teams from way back and play now day teams. Before your game pick out your teams jersey and your skill level and the arena your playing in. During the game go back and watch the highlights of the nasty dunk you put down on the other team. While in the game look for your players icon (which may be inside stopper, outside stopper, highflyer, inside scorer, playmaker, power, or three point shooter). You make the calls during the game. On out of bound plays you can get the ball to the best three point shooter on the floor, the man closet to the basket, best ball handler or to the best free throw shooter. And the new Direct Pass will also help you step up your basketball gaming experience. NBA Live 07 along with PSP make it possible for you to play against people all over the country with the help of the internet.

So if you looking for a great basketball game that is really fun has plenty of extras all the players and teams in the NBA you should check out NBA Live 07.